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Minimum Viable

Intellectual Property

While your company may be in a rush to get a product to market, you also need to consider the intellectual property needed along the way. We have developed a service to develop, optimize, customize, and manage an IP strategy and roadmap unique to you.

Image by Austin Distel

A future-proof IP strategy rests on four pillars


Ensuring innovation is described, captured, and protected.


Ensuring that you have the processes in place to protect your products, services and your company.


Harmonizing internal and external communications related to the business and IP strategies.


Creating a culture of accountability to align business and IP strategies.

The MVIP Approach

MVIP (the Minimum Viable Intellectual Property) is the "Goldilocks approach" - not too much, not too little, just right.

What can MVIP do for you?


Our approach gives entrepreneurs and shareholders peace of mind knowing what you build will be protected by ensuring steps are taken to adequately protect your business at each step.  

IP Audit

Systematic review so as to assess and manage risk, remedy problems and implement best practices in IP asset management. 

IP Strategy

Plan created to align your business goals in order to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace and drive sustainable growth. 

IP Roadmap

Execution of the IP strategy while taking into account the business' resources, timeframes, and priorities. 

Our Programs


“Protecting IP at the early stage of development is essential to solidify our forward-thinking strategy. MVIP ensures we enter the Web3 market with all the necessary tools for success.”

Azad Abbasi, GeniusXR

"The concept behind MVIP has allowed me to successfully implement a culture of growth and innovation within my organization. This is why I am passionate about bringing intellectual property strategy to startups and SMBs."

Christopher Thierry, MVIP founder

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