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 Where business and
IP strategy come together

Discover our IP and Innovation Advisory

In bringing innovative products and services to market, business and IP strategies must come together to maximize value and growth. Our IP and innovation advisory works with you to develop, communicate and execute them, as well as identify potential risks and mitigation plans.

A future-proof & value creating IP and business strategy rests on four pillars


Ensuring innovation is captured, secured, and value is maximized.


Ensuring that you have the processes in place to protect your products, services and your company.


Harmonizing internal and external communications related to the business and IP strategies.


Creating a culture of accountability to align business and IP strategies.

What can MVIP® do for you?

IP Audit

Systematic review so as to assess and manage risk, remedy problems and implement best practices in IP asset management. 

IP Strategy

Creation of a strategy to align your business goals in order to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace and drive sustainable growth. 

IP Roadmap

Execution of the IP strategy while taking into account the business' resources, timeframes, and priorities. 

Be part of the business and innovation ecosystem

MVIP® partners globally to execute strategies, offering members new business opportunities and connections with emerging firms needing various professional services. 

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