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About Us

MVIP® takes a practical and strategic approach to intellectual property management. We focus on immediate needs while plotting a course for your company’s future. Our advice spans strategy, roadmap creation, and execution, enabling you to prioritize and optimize resources effectively. The result? An organization that's aligned around innovation and secures tangible business value for stakeholders.

Our team is a dynamic blend of business consultants, legal experts, and innovation ecosystem specialists. We leverage this multidisciplinary expertise to implement and execute our MVIP® process, providing you with holistic solutions that extend beyond conventional IP management.

MVIP® was founded out of a deep-seated desire to help entrepreneurs and business leaders. We aim to empower you to proactively protect your assets and steer clear of common pitfalls that could jeopardize your company's growth and sustainability.

Maximizing value, minimizing risk: the MVIP® way 

At MVIP®, we understand that your intellectual property is more than just an asset—it's a critical component of your company's future success. That's why we developed the MVIP® strategy. We implement a comprehensive roadmap tailored to your business needs, ensuring you optimize money, time, people, communications, legal, and accounting resources in protecting your assets.

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Why work with us?
At MVIP®, we execute the business and IP strategy unique to you.

Practical business-based approach


We provide an entrepreneurial approach to IP, making sure your IP strategy is in alignment with your business strategy. 

Your IP Partner


Project manage from the inside, accountable for guiding internal resources through the process and implementing the strategy.

IP Culture


Long-term success by implementing a solid IP culture throughout the organization.

About our founders

Christopher Thierry

CEO & Founder


Christopher is a successful technology entrepreneur who has spent his life building new technology companies. It was during these years the concept of MVP (Minimum Viable Product) was well used, however in the rush to make products, there was a forgotten need to protect. In an effort to optimize investments at his company, Christopher devised a practical IP investment roadmap that matched the business needs at different stages. It was this practical approach that led to the creation of MVIP.  

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Christopher Thierry
David Durand

David Durand, LL.L and B.Sc. 


David is a lawyer and trademark agent with over 20 years’ experience working in law and intellectual property. He works with many entrepreneurs in a variety of aspects from managing and protecting IP, data and privacy, drafting contracts and licensing as well as M&A. David’s career experience and holistic approach to managing and protecting a company’s IP assets are the foundation for the MVIP principals and led to David to becoming a sought-after authority on the crossroads of resources allocation, innovation, and intellectual property. 

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