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Important resources you should know about…

In addition to our blogs and training materials, here are some more excellent resources for:  

… searching on IP databases:

... caselaw databases:

… general information on:

  • The role of IP in attracting investment

    • Durand, D., Mulcair, C. (2023). What’s the Big Idea? The Crossroads Between Investment and IP. In: Bader, M.A., Süzeroğlu-Melchiors, S. (eds) Intellectual Property Management for Start-ups. Management for Professionals. Springer, Cham. Click here to learn more >



IP and collaboration agreement parameters


Did we miss anything?  As we are always on the lookout for new innovation and IP-related content and references that can be shared with our website and social media channel viewers, please send it our way and provided it doesn’t run afoul to IP law. Thanks! 


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