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MVIP for Angel Investors

Protect Your Investment

MVIP (short for "Minimum Viable Intellectual Property") provides a wide range of services to help startups secure and manage their intellectual property (IP) assets. Our goal is to help young companies navigate the complex and often confusing world of IP and business, and to ensure that they are able to fully leverage the value of their IP for long-term success.

Trust and investor confidence in investment(s), especially in start-up and early-stage opportunities, is earned and can be as quickly lost at the sign of the first red flag. That said, a few questions can be asked:


  • Can an investment be better qualified before engaging in a formal due diligence process?

  • When assessing an opportunity, what IP risks are being evaluated and can they be valued?

  • Does the solution (or knowledge asset) truly belong to the company and what contractual measures are in place to conserve the asset?

  • Does the management team have the processes in place to protect the IP?


MVIP can help angel investors by: 


  1. Ensuring the IP you are investing in has been adequately protected. 

  2. Ensuring IP will be protected as the company grows. 

  3. The IP will be optimized for future financing and exits. 

One of the key aspects of our services is our focus on working with angel investor groups. We understand that investors play a crucial role in funding and mentoring early-stage startups, and we strive to provide tailored services that meet the unique needs of these young companies.

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